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More Than Twenty-Five Years of Hope

In 2020, the Heartland community celebrated twenty-five years of seeing people find hope through Jesus. The vision started with businessman and founder Charles Sharpe. As he drove across his Missouri farmland one day, he thought, “This would be a good place for kids.”

He was right. Charlie was thinking of a summer camp, but the vision grew into a full community with recovery programs, schools, and businesses all built around a local church. We call ourselves an intentional community because our intention is to introduce men, women, and children to the only hope that lasts – a life devoted to God, through Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Hope often becomes contagious, and we pray that you will catch it. You are welcome to become a part of sharing the hope with others through your prayers, your friendship, or by recommending our recovery programs to someone who is looking for help.

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Community of Hope


Heartland was established to help hurting people get a fresh start in life. In our recovery programs, we have seen many lives changed and families restored through the power of God. Our programs offer men and women a peaceful setting and focused time to heal and find hope through Jesus.


We want to see hope through Jesus Christ spread all around the world, and we are grateful to play a small role in several nations. We work through friendship with local pastors. In addition to short-term mission trips, we host an annual conference for leaders to come away to rest and encourage one another.


Education is the umbrella over everything we do at Heartland, from the toddlers in daycare and preschool to students in our Bible College. We offer classes in the church and the recovery centers, as well as in our K-12 school and our college. We hope each person who steps into one of these classes will become a lifetime learner and an active citizen in the Kingdom of God.

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Invite A Speaker

JC Morgan

JC Morgan

As a result of twenty years of meth addiction, JC Morgan ended up with fifteen felony convictions that landed him in prison six times, serving a total of thirteen years. Apathetic, hard hearted, and utterly deceived, he describes himself as a self-centered monster who would stop at absolutely nothing to get what he wanted. That included breaking his devoted mother’s heart. It seemed like he was doomed to a life of prison and violence. But God had a call.

JC and his wife, Sara, live at Heartland, where they are helping others find a better way. They are building a strong family together, including JC’s mother, who now makes her home with them.

Richard Heitman

Richard Heitman

When Richard lost his home and family due to substance abuse, he felt like he was living in a nightmare. He could not wake up. His wife had to take on the role of both father and mother. Despite her prayers, Richard stayed in deception. He felt ashamed and lost, as if there was no hope left for him. But God sent a rescue.

Richard and his wife, Lorna, are remarried and working together at Heartland to help others. They are expecting their first grandchild this summer.

Jacob Leckich

Jacob Leckich

Jacob panicked when the surgeon pronounced him healed. Now he couldn’t get pain pills to go with the meth he injected. That deadly combination eventually led to a 911 call, a recovery center, and a merciful encounter with God. Jacob had spent years searching for identity in sports, drugs, and fights. But God had a family in mind.

Daniel Ballard

Daniel Ballard

Coming from an alcoholic home into the Heartland youth program, Daniel found a place of peace and comfort in the Heartland Community. “So many times in recovery we think of the person and we forget about the children.” Daniel credits the people in his life who stepped up to fill a void—teachers in the school, house parents, and others. “At age 8 and 10 and 12, I needed a role model and someone to look up to. Now I want to be the person I needed when I was that age.”

Daniel and his wife Cali have opened their home to children and are actively involved in many areas of work and ministry.

Our goal is to partner with pastors, churches, and others who want to make a difference.

Help For Churches

Even “church folk” aren’t immune. A staggering number of people we’ve spoken to in churches indicate they or someone they know have been impacted by addiction, which surprises many church leaders. That’s one of the reasons we are reaching out to pastors, churches, and others who want to make a difference. Contact us today for details.

Pastor Dennis Thomas

As a local pastor and as a friend of Heartland, I encourage you to find ways that you can explore to build friendship and fellowship with the ministry at Heartland. Fellowship knits us together to be able to accomplish the tasks that the Lord Jesus Christ has given to us. No one church or ministry can reach the world by themselves; over the years we have been able to do some of this work together, and have done it better by being able to do it in fellowship.

Pastor Ted Middleton

“I have had the opportunity to preach many times at the recovery center. I can tell you they are doing a tremendous ministry for those going through addictions. As a pastor I know it’s difficult to invite folks into your church. This would be a great time for them to come share the hope of Jesus – how Jesus has set them free, and how others can experience the same thing.”

Paul Mitchell

“Heartland is a great example of somebody who has faithfully come alongside people… As a pastor working on the reservation, there is a lot of addiction. There is a lot of brokenness. I invite Heartland to come to my church so they can help us… we need to let people know that it’s okay to bring those things to the surface. That’s what Heartland helps us to do.”

Paul Mitchell, Tiwahe Circle Fellowship